Strategic Mini Meetings

Organise the most efficient meeting. Consolidate and make the expense for your appointments productive is not an easy task: choose the right partner to follow every one of your developments.


All the travel services

On our side we have the experience of the third Travel Management Company worldwide. For this reason we are able to manage every type of requirement connected to the logistics of your travel to reach the event location.

Contracting with location

The ideal room to host your meeting, equipped with all the services necessary for the appointments to have a positive outcome, also those for which you have not yet realised the need. From room to service, every detail is taken care of.

Food & Beverage

Be it a coffee break to interrupt a long meeting or a dinner to toast an agreement, combining taste and work has always been the winning choice: at each appointment the right combination of events and tastes.

Everything you have not thought about yet

Each appointment consists of many unexpected details. Do you need a platform? Do you want a shuttle to be available for participants? Would it be better to also plan for a team building space? Together, we can write the formula for the perfect meeting.


Save time and contain costs, eliminating the stress deriving from them.
This is not only a promise, it is our commitment.
And it can lead you to save resources on your current expenses.

Strategically more intelligent

Small or big events by number of participants and length are always key for corporate life: the most important decisions for your business come through these events and an efficient management of the resources available can make all the difference also in terms of the final outcome.
Together we create the most fertile environment to give birth to original ideas, embrace new perspectives and take flight towards milestones that are now at hand.
We can start from a tested format or patent a custom one, the result does not change: maximum efficacy and satisfaction from every point of view.

  • Sales meetings
  • Product launches and presentations
  • Board meetings
  • Top Management meetings
  • Project management committee

Case History Strategic Mini Meetings

Quarterly meeting of the Shareholder Assembly

Quarterly meeting of the Shareholder Assembly

Organisation of meeting services for the quarterly appointment of the Shareholder Assembly of the energy company.