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The BCD Meetings & Events style takes on the colours that fit best with what you imagine: a colour palette with which you can create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Sector workshop

Day event to explore the sector and training trends for the Clients and Prospects target group of the Client Company. Round tables, talks and contributions of partners and special guests. At the end, cooking class with tasting session at the Barilla Academy kitchens in Parma.

Welcoming and management of participants at the different panels, installation and support for set up changes, Caffè Vergnano coffee break and cooking class ending with tasting session. Development of the concept and of the audiovisual framework, management of the accommodation for the guests that took part in the event.

  • Event:
    Sector workshop
  • Location:
    Barilla Academy - Parma
  • Participants:
    + 80

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